Kikolle Lab

Creativity and imagination, play and encounter

Kikolle Lab

Kikolle Lab is a specialized and qualified team, that with care and dedication every day puts children at the center of every activity and educational or playful experience , making entertainment for  children 0-10 years its mission.

Kikolle Lab is located in Milan in via Fratelli Bronzetti 18 , in a location of over 300sqm, and from March 2022 also in via Cesare da Sesto 5 in a brand new space completely renovated.

The spaces
Kikolle 0-3 years

Kikolle Lab, recognized as a Early Childhood Center by the Municipality of Milan, offers guided play mornings in the company of qualified educators for children aged between 10 months and 3 years. You can choose between: Kikolle Baby, for children from 10 months accompanied by an adult, and Kikolle Special, for children from 18 months NOT accompanied by an adult.

Kikolle Lab’s laboratories

Post-school appointments to learn while having fun in a cheerful and stimulating environment.

Saturday workshops

What to do on Saturday morning in Milan? Play and learn at the Kikolle Lab!

Plan your party

Trust the Kikolle Lab team to organize a special birthday party.

Special events

Have fun and play with the Orange Girls at events and shows.

Campus Special!

Let the Kikolle Lab team take care of your child during the school holidays and discover this year’s Campus.

Kikolle doubles!

The second Kikolle Lab will open soon in Milan: we can’t wait to welcome you to the new headquarters in via Cesare da Sesto 5 . In addition to the historic spaces in via Fratelli Bronzetti, you can play, learn, have fun and celebrate a birthday with the Arancio girls in another area of the city.


All current regulations for the Covid-19 emergency will be respected to protect the health of staff and children, who will participate in the workshops and access the facility. In the planning and organization of the proposed entertainment, the numerical ratio of children / educator expected in relation to the age of the children will be guaranteed, as well as the prescribed interpersonal distancing in the context of play and play activities.

Super Green Pass: According to current regulations, to access the rooms and spaces of the Kikolle Lab it is necessary to show the GREEN PASS at the entrance. From 15 December 2021, access will be allowed only after showing the SUPER GREEN PASS.