Virtual Party

Online birthday party

The Virtual Party by Kikolle Lab is the new way to celebrate your birthday with your friends and with the entertainment of the Orange Girls even at a distance and from the comfort of your home.

An animator of the Kikolle Lab, through a digital application easily downloadable on any device (pc, smartphone, tablet), will organize a fun birthday party for your child to which they can participate, always from their own homes and through the app, even his friends. From a distance, our animator will offer interactive games and engaging entertainment to entertain the birthday boy and all her “guests”.

The only format to celebrate your birthday in TOTAL SAFETY without giving up the fun and company of your friends!

Kikolle Lab does not stop thinking about the many ways to play together with children even at a distance and proposes the Virtual Party to celebrate birthdays… at your home!

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All current regulations for the Covid-19 emergency will be respected to protect the health of staff and children, who will participate in the workshops and access the facility. In the planning and organization of the proposed entertainment, the numerical ratio of children / educator expected in relation to the age of the children will be guaranteed, as well as the prescribed interpersonal distancing in the context of play and play activities.

Super Green Pass: According to current regulations, to access the rooms and spaces of the Kikolle Lab it is necessary to show the GREEN PASS at the entrance. From 15 December 2021, access will be allowed only after showing the SUPER GREEN PASS.