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Kikolle Lab is the ideal partner for Corporate Events in which the presence of children is expected (Children in the Office, Family Day, Xmas Day, product launches and opening new stores ) and has known for years how to take care of the little ones by involving them in kids friendly activities designed specifically for them. Under the expert guidance of Artistic Director Silvia Longoni, our team designs with professionalism and experience events full of playful activities, shows and personalized workshops divided by age groups.


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The Kikolle Lab Events team is able to structure and customize each event according to the customer’s needs and in total synergy. The versatility of our staff and the constant collaboration with the client allow the realization of successful, professional, elegant and above all child-friendly events regardless of the sector the company belongs to, be it a fashion brand or a non-profit association.
Our Events team is also able to design and implement Digital Events by offering online creative workshops, virtual parties and interactive games.
Furthermore, Kikolle Lab has studied special forms of entertainment for Hotels and Boutiques to be offered to Vip Clients with children.

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