Kikolle Baby - Classic

The classic version of Kikolle Baby is for children 10- 36 months old accompanied by an adult (mum, dad, grandparents, nanny… or aunt).

Kikolle Baby is an alternative to going to the supermarket or staying at home in the mornings listening to the vacuum cleaner, when you can’t go out: because it's winter and it's too cold or it’s summer and is too hot. Kikolle Baby is a moment of time dedicated to younger children who can experiment, play and listen to a fairy tale or nursery rhyme together with peers accompanied by an adult who they know.

There are new activities every day depending on the time of year, set in a routine which children which children will recognize after a while as their own: the welcome, biological snack time and practicing psychomotor skills in the Soft Room to help develop the motor pathways.

Open every morning of the year (except two weeks in the middle of August) from 9.20 to 12.10 (coming and going times are flexible) and Friday afternoons from 16.00 to 18.15 (suitable for smaller babies, from 7 – 18 months old). Children can come for one day, several days, for a week, for one or more months, in short, as often as they like, without needing to sign up first: you pay only for the days the children come, with a single entrance payment or buying a multiple entrance card which never runs out!

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