Kikolle Baby - Special

Special Kikolle Baby is for babies between 24 and 36 months NOT accompanied by an adult and who have already regularly come to Kikolle Baby Classic.

Special Kikolle’s goal is to be a space dedicated to all children who are getting ready to attend school and want to become more autonomous and independent. This is the age where children need to feel an important part of a peer group where the child can learn to integrate and communicate with their peers, learning from others and consolidating their social relationships.

Special Kikolle is also an alternative to a crèche, a flexible option which doesn’t require payment of an upfront registration fee but simply the purchase of a multiple entrance ticket, which is only stamped on days when the child attends. It is a morning full of guided play, with expert educators, characterized by a carefully planned programme, dedicated to activities which aid the children’s growth and development by following a comforting structured routine: the welcome with Kikolle the puppet, mimed songs; colouring; biological snack; moor activities and symbolic play. The theme of the day/ week changes with the seasons and follows a Timetable, always available to parents, which also includes a small play time in English following the Kindermusik and yoga for children methods.

Open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 12.30, attendance is flexible in days and number of days in the week children would like to come (must be at least twice a week), just lets us know by simply booking the days. And the child cannot come due to illness or holiday… no problem! Just let us know on time and you will not be charged any fee!

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